Stone Crusher Hits The Halfway Mark of the Season in St. Louis

Stone Crusher Monster Truck - St Louis Monster Jam 2015

(Photo By: Brett Moist Photography)

Round Five of the Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series brought the Stone Crusher Monster Truck team to St. Louis, Missouri’s Edward Jones Dome for the next event on the season. The previous weekend in Indianapolis saw Steve Sims and the Stone Crusher break through and score their first point on the season, and were looking to gain some more on the massive floor in St. Louis. [Read more…]

Stone Crusher Scoring in Indy | Round 4: Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

Stone Crusher Monster Truck | Indianapolis Monster Jam 2015

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The firs three rounds of the Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series have brought their own sets of challenges to the Stone Crusher Monster Truck team, but in their first ever visit to Indianapolis Steve Sims were able to get their first point in the standings for 2015. [Read more…]

Stone Crusher in Atlanta for Round Two of Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

Stone Crusher - Atlanta - Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

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Round Two of the Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series brought the Stone Crusher Monster Truck team to a familiar stop, as they returned to Atlanta, Georgia’s Georgia Dome. After a trying weekend in Houston with mechanical troubles cutting their night short, Steve Sims and the Stone Crusher were ready to turn their luck around early in the new season. Crew Chief Tommy Powers tracked down their oil pump issues and had the Stone Crusher ready for action. [Read more…]

Rough Start to Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series for Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher - Houston 2015 - Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

After a strong 2014 campaign Steve Sims and the Stone Crusher Monster Truck team were invited to be a part of the all new Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series in 2015. The series features 16 of the industry’s top trucks in a nine week tour across the United States at some of the nation’s most prestigious stadiums. With both Steve and son Steven with the Hooked Monster Truck apart of the series, the father and son duo were excited to start off the new year. [Read more…]

Racing Victory in Michigan | Closing Out 2014 in Virginia for Stone Crusher


The 2014 season has been strong for the Stone Crusher team and as the leaves started to change color, the guys were wrapping up the year with their final two weekends of events. The first of two stops in October brought the Stone Crusher to Berlin Raceway just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan for their first ever Monster Truck Throwdown event. Unfortunately heavy rains for two straight days forced the cancellation of the Friday night event but the event would go on rain or shine Saturday night. While the temperatures were cool Steve Sims and company were looking forward to showing what the Stone Crusher could do after a strong set of performances over the summer. With dark clouds looming it looked like the event might sneak by without rain, but as the trucks came back to the pits from the pit party the skies opened up and the rain came falling down. Crew chief Tommy Powers and Josh Bushee took extra precaution in advance to make sure the Stone Crusher was ready to battle the rain and mud. Their efforts showed throughout the night as the Stone Crusher didn’t miss a beat in all three competitions, putting up a good pair of wheelies in the wheelie contest and took fast qualifier in racing. Sims worked his way through the bracket where he took on the newly crowned Monster Truck Throwdown tour champion Jamey Garner and Over Bored. The two were neck and neck down the long and fast straightline course but it would be Sims and the Stone Crusher edging out Over Bored for the victory! With the chance to take home another trophy in sight, Sims didn’t hold back in freestyle as he pushed the Stone Crusher to thrill the fans that stuck it out through the cold and rain. Sims delivered a great a run despite minimal traction as he got some big air before blowing out a right front tire. The run would be topped only by his son Steven and Hooked as they narrowly defeated the Stone Crusher for the win.

From Michigan it was back home to the Commonwealth as the Stone Crusher made a visit to the annual Run-a-Muck Mud Bog at Virginia Motor Speedway for a freestyle exhibition with Maxie Broaddus and the Walking Tall Monster Truck. It would be  a fun afternoon to watch some of the wildest mud trucks on the east coast do battle and to cut loose and have some fun without worrying about scores or competition. In typical Stone Crusher fashion Sims put on a show for the fans with some big air over the cars and vans and even slung some mud while cutting some donuts. It was a great way to close out 2014 as the team gets ready for yet another busy first quarter with Monster Jam. Be sure to keep an eye on our Schedule and Facebook to find out where we’ll be in 2015! Thanks to all our fans, crew, and sponsors for your continued support and letting us do what we do!

Second Place Racing Finish For Stone Crusher in Charlotte


The Stone Crusher team was back to Charlotte for the Back To School Monster Truck Bash once again this weekend, marking the sixth year in a row the team has participated in this marquee event. Mechanical troubles plagued the team last year in Charlotte as they were defending both the racing and freestyle wins from 2012. Driver Steve Sims was looking for a bounce back year after the disappointing outing in 2013. The always challenging crossover track would have a new element involved for this year, as rain showers passed overhead just hours before showtime. [Read more…]

Runner Up Freestyle Peformance for Stone Crusher in Bristol

Stone Crusher - Bristol 2014

Last year at Bristol Motor Speedway, Steve Sims and Stone Crusher put it all on the line and thrilled the fans in freestyle but were just short of picking up the freestyle win. This year he wasn’t leaving anything on the table coming into last Saturday’s event, and did just that during his freestyle run. His biggest challenge in pursuit of the win would come from his own flesh and blood, his son Steven. With both turning in spectacular performances, the crowd was left to decide the victor. [Read more…]

Stone Crusher Finishing Up 2013 Strong


Photos By: Al Goulder –

The Fall months tend to be a slower time for most of the monster truck world but the Stone Crusher team finds ways to keep busy and thrilling fans. The month of October featured two different events, starting off with a four show weekend in Philadelphia, and then taking a quick trip to Jamaica, Virginia for the annual Run A Muck Mud Bog at Virginia Motor Speedway. Four shows are always a grueling test on equipment but the Stone Crusher team kept the truck at peak performance throughout the entire weekend in Philadelphia. The stacked line up of former world champions was a tough field of competition, proving to be tough competition. While the Stone Crusher was kept out of the winner’s circle for the weekend, the team still had a solid outing with several good freestyle performances, making many new Stone Crusher fans along the way.

After a long four show weekend in Philadelphia, the Run A Muck Mud Bog at Virginia Speedway was quite the change of pace. The freestyle exhibition was a good opportunity to cut loose and have some fun with the truck, and that’s just what Steve Sims did. With only a couple jumps to work with Sims got the most out of them with several flying leaps as he soared the Stone Crusher over them with ease. The crowd loved it as Sims kept going bigger and bigger throughout his performance, eventually knocking loose a few body panels along the way.

This coming weekend marks the final event of 2013 for the Stone Crusher team as they get one more chance to see their dedicated local fans at the Hampton Coliseum, with three shows starting Friday night. It’s sure to be a great time for all so if you’re in the area come on out to cheer us on. Check back soon for recaps from this weekend’s action in Hampton.

Rough Outing For Stone Crusher in Charlotte


Some nights, just don’t go your way, and last Saturday night was one of those nights for Steve Sims and the Stone Crusher monster truck. After an incredible weekend at the Back to School Monster Truck Bash in 2012, where Sims won both racing and freestyle competitions, expectations were high coming back in 2013. After a great afternoon with the fans at the pit party where Sims signed autographs and fans got a chance to ride in the Stone Crusher ride truck, it was time for qualifying. Sims was off to a promising start, looking fast and smooth through the first half of the grueling course, but as Sims rounded the backstretch it became apparent that the Stone Crusher was battling driveline issues. The front wheels didn’t appear to have any drive, and that would end Sims efforts in racing early. The crew gave it their all to have the truck back for round one to have a shot at competing, but despite their best efforts they weren’t able to make the call.

After the obvious disappointment in racing, Sims was fired up and ready to tear up the track in freestyle with the Stone Crusher. Sims went right to work and got some big air over one of several bus stacks on the track, but upon landing Sims was unable to get the truck under power. Realizing something was amiss, Sims shut the truck off and rolled to a stop. Officials and crew chief Tommy Powers rushed to the truck  and discovered the culprit of a broken throttle cable. They managed to do an incredibly quick repair to get the freestyle back underway. After the early hiccup, Sims tried to regain his momentum and was on his way to a good run when once again the truck encountered driveline issues. Sims wouldn’t be stopped though, and battled the ailing machine and willed it around the track. After giving every bit of effort he had, Sims finally gave in when the truck became wedged between obstacles and unable to move any further. “I gave it everything she had. The truck just wouldn’t go any more,” said Sims following the run. While bad luck may have bit the team this weekend, you can bet on the crew having the Stone Crusher back to 100% before their next event and ready to thrill fans again.

Stone Crusher Battles Hard in Virginia Beach

Stone Crusher - Monsters on the Beach 2013

For the seventh year in a row the Stone Crusher team arrived at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach for one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, Monsters On The Beach. With thousands of hometown fans packing the stands over four shows throughout the weekend, it’s a special experience for all involved. Driver Steve Sims put up an incredible effort in last years event, racking up several wins throughout the weekend only to have electrical problems cut his chances short of winning the King of the Beach title on the final day. Sims was determined to take the trophy this year, but unfortunately mechanical problems would once again take away the chance at the title.

Friday night looked promising at the start with an optimistic group ready for wins, but in introductions they soon faced an uphill battle. After Sims and the Stone Crusher went over a jump, the left rear wheel locked up indicating trouble in the rear axle. The breakage would force the truck out of both the wheelie competition and racing, putting them far behind on the weekend point standings. The crew thrashed to get the truck back for freestyle where Sims made up for lost time with a spectacular freestyle. There was no holding back for Sims as he soared the Stone Crusher over the bus stacks and cars, hitting the obstacles faster and harder than anyone else. Sims was the clear freestyle winner, bringing some redemption for their troubles earlier in the night.

Saturday the team bounced back with two more strong performances in the events. Saturday afternoon saw a second place finish in the wheelie contest after a huge vertical wheelie. Racing was cut short for the Stone Crusher with a round one loss, but Sims bounced back with another ferocious freestyle. Another high flying performance would earn him second, just behind his son Steven and Hooked.

Saturday night saw more of the same for Sims and the Stone Crusher. This time though Sims was able to take the wheelie contest win with yet another great wheelstand. Sims pushed hard in round one but once again was done early in racing. With heavy rains approaching, Sims went all out in freestyle knowing the possibility of a rain shortened freestyle competition looming. Sims delivered a stellar freestyle to the fans, flying the Stone Crusher to new heights with massive leaps throughout freestyle. Just two runs later the skies opened up, and the rest of freestyle would be cut short. Sims would win freestyle, but the points would not carry on to the weekend total, with less than half the trucks getting to freestyle.

Sunday would be the fourth and final event for the weekend at the beach. Despite being out of the hunt for the overall title, it didn’t matter to Sims and the Stone Crusher team as they had just one more chance to wow their hometown fans. It was a tough wheelie contest as Sims would put the Stone Crusher in third, behind Hooked and Avenger who tied for first place. Following the contest though the team discovered engine problems on the Stone Crusher, and there just wasn’t enough time to repair them to get back in competition. A disappointed Sims addressed the crowd before freestyle, vowing to come back stronger than ever for next year.

Despite the mechanical troubles, it was a great weekend at the Oceanfront with multiple wins and a great time with our hometown fans. Be on the lookout for updates to our summer schedule soon. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page here.